Coniglio - Vedenpitävä klitorisvibra taajuuksilla.

Coniglio - Vedenpitävä klitorisvibra taajuuksilla.

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Valmistaja: Close2you
Tuotekoodi: 05879150000
Saatavuus: 5 - 7 arkipäivää
Avainsanat: Close2you

Kaksi moottoria pupuklitoriskiihottimella. Ala- ja yläpulssit ravistelevat koko kehoa. USB-ladattava. 

Waterproof vibrator with 2 motors: one in the shaft and one in the rabbit-shaped clitoris stimulator. The new OptiGasm technology provides high and low frequencies. These frequencies create very deep vibrations that spread throughout the body. With 3 speeds and 4 pulsation levels. With an LED display light and two buttons (On/Off button and function control button). Berry-coloured. It can be recharged with the included USB cable. Complete length: 22.5 cm, insertion depth: 12 cm, ?: 3.3 cm. Material: silicone (with a PU coating), ABS, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH. Charging time: 2 hours, battery life: 45 minutes.